The Career has been an Adventure

Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Washington and Montana in The US.  South Africa, Namibia and Botswana in Africa.  I've been blessed.  Private Sector, NGO, state, and federal agency employment.  I've been experienced.  University of Nevada, University of Pretoria, seminars and conferences.  I've been educated. Safari Magazine, Outdoor Life,  National Review, Bugle Magazine, Magnum Magazine, Fins and Feathers.  I'm internationally published.

I have skills, education, knowledge and wisdom acquired along the way.  This translates to invaluable perspective.  I offer this to the potential client.  A full Curriculum Vitae (Resume) with references is available on request.  

Whatever your wildlife oriented need, consumptive or non consumptive, I can advise, design, and optimize it for you.

My Best contact is: